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Campaigning with Jack Black

Jack Black

In March we sent out our next communication to all Primary School Head Teachers in both the UK and, this time, in the US as well!   That was over 101,000 emails in the US alone!

This time around, our campaign was headed up by actor, Jack Black.   Perhaps better known for films such as Jumanji, The Holiday, Kung Foo Panda (he’s the panda!) and our favourite, School of Rock. 

Click Jack’s face to watch his video

His video was posted on his TikTok channel and amassed over a million views in the first week alone.   If only a fraction of those viewers turned on their subtitles for their children, we consider him a superstar (and thoroughly nice chap) for helping us out.

Our parent instagrammers then came out in force and helped us amplify his video and message across social media and we couldn’t be more thankful to them for taking the time to help us out once again.   This also helped us appear in lots of the UK national newspapers and secure a few radio interviews as well.    We’ll talk to anyone if it means more parents hear our simple message!

Last week, one of our Founders, Henry, then appeared on the Kelly Clarkson show on US TV to talk more about the power of subtitles.   Unfortunately the show is only available in the US, however we did get to see a clip on her YouTube channel and had a little snigger at him being referred to as “a rad dad”.

Here’s a link to the clip on YouTube: