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Turning on quality subtitles means your child will read a staggering number of words. Put them on and your child will read the equivalent number of words that are in all the Harry Potter books, all of the Lord of the Rings, all of the Chronicles of Narnia and everything Roald Dahl wrote, combined!

Research has shown that it can double the chance of your child leaving school as a proficient reader. You can turn them on for the whole family or most streaming services will now allow you to do it just for children’s profiles.

Perhaps, after all, there is a magic button….

Caterpillar Captions

In 2024 we’re launching a new service for broadcasters, Caterpillar Captions. This is an academically approved font and stylesheet with 99.99% accuracy. You’ll start seeing the Blue Caterpillar on a number of your favourite channels and streaming services. We’ll add a list of them here as they get switched on so you know the very best shows for your child.

Celebrities are asking us to Turn On The Subtitles

Getting started

If you are struggling to find the magic subtitle button for your children’s profiles, we’ve put together some links to the main TV streaming services to help.

Just click on the icon of the streaming service you’d like help with:

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